Fantasy Cricket '19: All-Rounders & Wicketkeepers

Fantasy Cricket '19: All-Rounders & Wicketkeepers

Picking the right all-rounder or 'keeper can be the difference between being a championship contender, and an anonymous also ran with a mildy amusing team name. To make sure you are on the right side of history, check out the preview below.


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£10m - Danny Williams: It’s no surprise he was the top point maker, amassing 1452 points in just 19 matches. If his batting doesn’t come off, he usually makes it up with the ball. But is he worth the high price? Yes, yes, he is.  

£9m - Madusha Wettasinghe: A slightly cheaper option, mainly due to work commitments reducing his play time. He is a player capable of smashing a very leg-sided century, or getting a toe crushing 5fer. Or both.

£8.5 - Luke Jones: In just 6 league appearances in 2018, Luke racked up a staggering 491 points with the majority coming in first team games. Averages 37 with the bat and 11 with the ball. Football commitments limit his availability but worth every penny when playing.

£6m - Daniel Mullany: 23 wickets at an average of 10 last year and showed glimpses of his ability with the bat, this mystery spinner could be worth investing in. Be wary of the exam timetable though as appearances may be scarce in the early summer.

£6m - Owen Johnson: After a high scoring year, there’s no wonder why OJ has doubled in price. But how will his new role as 3rd XI captain affect him? Will he step up and lead from the front or delegate to those around him?

£5.5m - David Potter: Had a stop start season last year, that saw him play only half the games, sees the highly rated all rounder have his price reduced dramatically. A canny bowler, a quick accumulator of runs and a solid fielder means he is another player to keep an eye on should he be available.


£5.5 - Will Ritchie: The ever reliable keeper had one of his best seasons with the bat last year and is an absolute rock behind the stumps. Had his part in 27 wickets last season, just 1 short of the career high 28 he got the season before.

£5.5 - Sam Waller: This all-round sportsman hit nearly 800 runs last season, over 400 of which were in senior matches (he’s only 15!). Claimed 18 victims in the field in 2018, and not to forget he has a Cheshire double-hundred to his name too. One of the brightest prospects around.

£5.5 - Chris Williams: 339 runs in 2018 in his new role as opening batsman and involved in 15 wickets as a keeper/fielder in 21 appearances. With cup-games now included in the scoring, overlook him at your peril.

£5m - Alex Dickman: The King of Cloth is looking to lose his title after practising some aggressive batting during pre season nets. The stats suggest he had a below par season by his usual standards, so will look to be back to the form which saw him almost hit 500 runs for two seasons in a row.

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